Friday, August 29, 2014

August 30th 2014

Today was a lovely day, plenty going on with 2 new members arriving early in the day to see if they liked our group and both filled in their membership forms before they left too.   Was lovely to meet both Andrea and Pam and I hope we see lots of both of you in the future.   We also had another lady drop in towards the end of the session to join, but I didn't catch her name this time.   Welcome to everyone in any case!

A number of us joined a knitting session at the end of the day too, we're all knitting either a square or circular shawl using Elizabeth Zimmerman's instructions or something similar.   It'll be interesting to see what everyone comes up with.   Mine was going to be a different pattern with some rose pink yarn, now it'll be that same pattern I'd planned, but with purple yarn as it turned out my rose pink was too fragile to cope with a circular start.   It's a learning experience for us all and I've already learned something.

There was a small selection on the display table today, all lovely
Joanne spun these two beauties.  The green is Heavenly Wools on light grey half bred and the multicoloured is called Jewels by Fibre2go on 50/50 merino/silk

Rachelle's merino/silk dyed by Anna Harris; this was a quick spin to test out her new wheel. 

Kerry has been making juggling balls from bit of leftover weaving; 30 in total

Kerry's cowl using Heavenly Wools merino in the Barrier Reef colourway

and also an asymmetrical shawl using the same yarn

And finally Rachelle's 2x2 twill placemats just off the loom, these are still to be wet finished.
I hope everyone has a great week and we'll see you next weekend.   Don't forget we have a beginner spinning course coming up, sign up sheets in the guild rooms

Saturday, August 23, 2014

23 August 2014

The display tables were covered in coned yarn this Saturday and as a result we had to use a small table for display and my photo's are not as good as I would like.   There was a lovely pile of coned yarn for weaving for sale though and all money from the sale was going to set up the Anne Field fund so it was all for a good cause.   There were a number of people who went home with some cones to add to their weaving stash.

Part of a shawl that Eleanor made

You can see how the colour changes in it here, beautiful work.

Rachelle's 2 skeins of "probably corriedale", there's about a kilometer of yarn here.

This is the latest Vintage Purls winter sock yarn club.  The pattern is a Guernsey style hot water bottle cover.  I will be using it on my loom rather than making the supplied pattern.

Kerry spun this Romney, lovely subtle colour.

Kerry also made this jersey to replace one that was well and truly past its lifespan.  This was knit from alpaca, so will be lovely and warm.

The darker grey is the original, you can't tell here but it had paint on it and holes in many places!

Friday, August 15, 2014

16 August 2014

The rooms are slowly getting sorted out, and they're looking good!  Our thanks to everyone who's helped out with the process and also to all the committee who've invested their time.

We're hoping that having new rooms will bring in new members, we had several people pop in to look around today which was lovely.   If you're thinking about joining do come in and take a look at our group.   Don't forget as well as weaving and spinning we also knit and crochet and would love to have more members knitting with us.   We will of course not put any obstacles in your way should the spinning bug get you.

Today was a lovely meeting, the sun shining was a nice touch too.   We had our paper hand towel dispenser installed by Jan and Janet so no more unhygenic cotton towels.   The power tools came out to get that installed.
using the screwdriver (the drill had already done its bit by now)

1st batch of paper towels ready to go!
We had some beautiful work on display too.
This is Paula's scarf from Eleanor's Polwarth; absolutely gorgeous!

Joanne knit this chevron scarf using some of her handspun.  The original fibre was Heavenly Wools in the Bromeliad colourway on halfbred base.

Diane C spun this from Anna's fibre, lovely

Paula created this from Fibre2go's Apple Red fibre; there's 1400m here!

Jenny knit this from some leftover yarn that she'd overdyed. 

Jenny also knit this squishy scarf from Anna's sock yarn.

And finally, 2 blankets knit by Heather using a pattern called Tilted Block.   Both yarns have their origins on the sales table; 1 was fibre that she spun up (periwinkle) and the other a commercially spun yarn.
A lovely day and everyone had fun; many beautiful projects being worked on and I'm sure you'll see some of them on here very soon.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saturday 09 August 2014

Getting there in our rooms, still quite a bit to unpack but the teams are working their way through them and cataloging as they go.
There wasn't a talk through of who owned which display items this time so I'm making some guesses and with some items I have no clue.
I don't know, but suspect this might be Kerry's work; apologies for the upside down side of things; Blogger is insisting it's the right way up (it's wrong).

Lovely feeling woven scarf

I think this was a cowl, very nice.

Mary Catherine knit this beautiful stole; very fine work.

Joanne made the little scissor fob.

Rachelle's socks

Another lovely woven scarf; unknown creator.

Today's group.
My photo's are a little poor today, forgot the real camera so this is from my cellphone.   

Friday, August 1, 2014

The Tannery!

I popped in this morning just to take photo's of the new premises at 11 Tanner St; unfortunately due to family commitments I couldn't stay and also didn't get photo's of new work.    I did however get photo's of our new rooms and the shop so here we are:

From the Tanner St entrance

The small, but perfectly formed kitchen area

The Wool Yarn and Fibre shop; the internal door will normally be shut and we will go out the Tanner St door and through the alleyway to get to the shop.

The shop from the carpark, our wee sheep is back and enjoying the sun.

More of the shop

The yarn and fibre wall (yum!)

Our room from the shop end

And finally the prizes for today's draw; I don't know who won them but 2 people will be very happy.
I think it's going to be a great place for us, especially as we get more organised.   I know we'll be working on cataloging what we have and rationalizing it as well to make the space work well.   I'm looking forward to next Saturday when I'll have the option of actually getting to stay and spin!