Friday, August 15, 2014

16 August 2014

The rooms are slowly getting sorted out, and they're looking good!  Our thanks to everyone who's helped out with the process and also to all the committee who've invested their time.

We're hoping that having new rooms will bring in new members, we had several people pop in to look around today which was lovely.   If you're thinking about joining do come in and take a look at our group.   Don't forget as well as weaving and spinning we also knit and crochet and would love to have more members knitting with us.   We will of course not put any obstacles in your way should the spinning bug get you.

Today was a lovely meeting, the sun shining was a nice touch too.   We had our paper hand towel dispenser installed by Jan and Janet so no more unhygenic cotton towels.   The power tools came out to get that installed.
using the screwdriver (the drill had already done its bit by now)

1st batch of paper towels ready to go!
We had some beautiful work on display too.
This is Paula's scarf from Eleanor's Polwarth; absolutely gorgeous!

Joanne knit this chevron scarf using some of her handspun.  The original fibre was Heavenly Wools in the Bromeliad colourway on halfbred base.

Diane C spun this from Anna's fibre, lovely

Paula created this from Fibre2go's Apple Red fibre; there's 1400m here!

Jenny knit this from some leftover yarn that she'd overdyed. 

Jenny also knit this squishy scarf from Anna's sock yarn.

And finally, 2 blankets knit by Heather using a pattern called Tilted Block.   Both yarns have their origins on the sales table; 1 was fibre that she spun up (periwinkle) and the other a commercially spun yarn.
A lovely day and everyone had fun; many beautiful projects being worked on and I'm sure you'll see some of them on here very soon.

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