Friday, August 1, 2014

The Tannery!

I popped in this morning just to take photo's of the new premises at 11 Tanner St; unfortunately due to family commitments I couldn't stay and also didn't get photo's of new work.    I did however get photo's of our new rooms and the shop so here we are:

From the Tanner St entrance

The small, but perfectly formed kitchen area

The Wool Yarn and Fibre shop; the internal door will normally be shut and we will go out the Tanner St door and through the alleyway to get to the shop.

The shop from the carpark, our wee sheep is back and enjoying the sun.

More of the shop

The yarn and fibre wall (yum!)

Our room from the shop end

And finally the prizes for today's draw; I don't know who won them but 2 people will be very happy.
I think it's going to be a great place for us, especially as we get more organised.   I know we'll be working on cataloging what we have and rationalizing it as well to make the space work well.   I'm looking forward to next Saturday when I'll have the option of actually getting to stay and spin!

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