Saturday, September 6, 2014

7th September 2014

Things are starting to come together in our rooms.  The library is mostly unpacked and shelved and the big loom is going up this week as well.   The sign up sheet for beginner weaver and spinner classes is filling up too and we're getting a good turnout from existing members on Saturdays.

Rosemary made this a long time ago, she brought it in as we're doing a Pi Shawl challenge at the moment

This is one Pauline made some years back; same maths completely different result.

Jan made this feels lovely

Valerie has been busy making tea towels; too lovely to use I think.

Anne B made this tea towel, I think this one is gorgeous!

We think this was Kerry's, but she wasn't there so it is a guess

Another one by Kerry possibly.

Lynn made these blue tea towels, thicker than the others which will I suspect make them nice and thirsty.
Not sure who made these, love the colours.

and more lovely teal and blue tea towels

We are fairly sure this is Heather's work, but once again she wasn't there to confirm or deny.

Carol spun this lovely yarn dyed by Anna.

And finally, Meg has been busy making mittens

As you can tell the display table was fairly full this time, we all love seeing what everyone has made and I enjoy showing them to everyone who wasn't there!

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