Sunday, October 26, 2014

Saturday 25 October 2014

I hope everyone who wanted to got out into the garden over the last couple of days, it's always nice to get some fresh air when the weather is nice.

Saturday was a good day at the guild, I wore my eighteenth century gown and it was quite comfortable to spin in surprisingly!   The underpinnings made manouvering between wheels a little difficult at times, but nothing too bad.
The wheel isn't period appropriate of course, but I wasn't about to go out and get a wheel old enough to do that.
I didn't have any other finished objects to show off, but several other members did.

Pauline has been spinning mini skeins, so cute and so pretty!

Meg has been working on some of Anna's fibre, both of these are her lovely work
The next several photo's are all of what's been keeping Tedge busy for the last 3 years.    All created by wood turning.
The underneath of her spindle stand

The spindle stand in action

Detail of the carving and painting on the back of the stand

Beautiful decorative work on the largest spindle

And then the medium ones which have resin in the tops

Another large one with beautiful nature inspired decoration

And finally a glimpse of the 2 smaller sizes.
 Next up we have Sue's finished Pi shawl, I suspect she's the only one finished so far, I'm nowhere near that point
Detail of the edging

The centre

And the full shawl which is stunning.  It was knit using commercial yarn.

Pam's latest, which is a large wrap

Pam's wrap modeled by Kerry.   It's a very versatile piece.
For those waiting on photo's from the exhibition I've uploaded some to my personal Flickr account, so click on "photos from the exhibition" to pop on over to take a look.  There's only 13 shots uploaded from the 150 that I took but it gives you an idea of what lovely work there was from people all over the Canterbury area.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

AGM October 18th 2014

Since it was the AGM there was no show and tell, but Pam was kind enough to let me photograph a few of her latest items so we have something for the blog

A lovely stole using a handspun gradient yarn.

Corespinning; I have got to try this!

Fractal spinning, I have done this and love it

and more core spinning :)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

School Holiday Programmes

This fortnight of school holidays the guild ran weaving classes for children for the first time since the earthquakes.  The children who went to the classes had a marvellous time and came out of it with a lovely scarf each.

Don't they look happy?   

We will be doing more holiday courses; hopefully weaving again as my eldest is now interested after seeing the placemats I made for our table.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

11 October 2014

Some good items on the display table again, not as many as usual so obviously we're all in the middle of projects; I know I am!

Heather spun the yarn and then knit this shawl; it's got wee gold beads too.

Jan spun the Romney and Joanne spun the pastel skein, opposites but both beautiful.

Paula's been experimenting with double knitting; it came out really well!

Jan F has been busy practicing, the green/purple is merino.

Rachelle's sample for point twill.

Joanne's mid season shawl using a merino/bamboo blend commercial yarn; lovely stitch definition
Next Saturday is the AGM, starting at 11am.   You'll get to meet the new committee for the next year and there will be nibbles as well.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

4th October 2014

First of all I want to let everyone know about beginner spinning classes coming up, they're starting on Thurs, 16 Oct, and Sat., 1 Nov, both from 10am-Noon and running for 6 weeks.   If you want to take one of them please email Kerry on

Yesterday was another good day, a few new people popped in to take a look around and we had some of our new members there as well which was lovely to see.   Pam brought along her new Aura wheel again, best part is she's still in love with it (important to love your wheel in my opinion).

Show off time again, hope I get all the names right!

Pam spun this corriedale blend from Anna Gratton on her new wheel.

She also finished this shawl in a gradient yarn

Isn't it stunning?   Love the tassles too.

Another item for Pam, this is a hooded cowl for a young relative; some handspun and finished with some merino possum.

Heather knit this scarf; unblocked as yet but very pretty.

She also spun this lovely pink skein of yarn, 2 separate braids of fibre that were then plied together

Pauline made this teal coloured skein, the colour isn't accurate.

Ria spun this corriedale and the barberpole at the top which is leftovers plied with a black yarn.

Chris P gave this woven piece to Jan, lovely work

Andrea has been practicing, this was from fibre she'd blending on her blending board, will be great for weaving

Another of Andrea's yarns, this is Romney

Felicity spun this beautiful skein, I think it might be Navajo plied.
See you in a few days, I'll post some photo's from the exhibition; not all of them though as I took 156 which might be a bit of a mouthful!