Saturday, November 1, 2014

November 1st 2014

What a beautiful day!   It was actually getting hot in the afternoon so another grand day to get some gardening done or maybe some plying outside.

Rachelle's superwash woven scarf in a point twill pattern.

Joanne made this lovely squishy yarn from Heavenly Wools fibre

Kerry has been making dishcloths, several of which have already found new homes

Pam finished her corespinning and plied it using some locks.   This is going to be part of a woven cushion.

Valerie spun this gradient from Anna's fibre; very pretty

Pam has also been busy spinning silk, this is also a gradient.

Jan knit this lovely crescent shawl, it took a while apparently but I think the results were well worth the time.

Rosemary has been spinning natural brown merino

Eleanor spun this sample of perendale, eventually there will be enough for a jersey

This is 13 micron merino, simply gorgeous

Janet knit this jersey using handspun singles, the really impressive thing is there is no biasing of the finished garment.

and finally, Linda knit this amazing blanket from gotland wool that she'd spun.

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