Friday, November 21, 2014

Saturday 22 November 2014

It was fairly quiet today, I believe quite a few people were off at a felter's event and of course the weather forecast was for a nasty change in the afternoon so some may have been getting some gardening in while they could.    In the end the change came through late, but it was hot until then!
I don't know who made the items I've taken photo's of today, we didn't actually do show and tell; probably too distracted by the new fabric store that had opened a few days ago.

2 pairs of lovely socks

The cutest wee toddler jersey; I love the blue stripes on one sleeve only.
Now, don't forget next Saturday is the Area AGM, there won't be room for spinning in the morning and everyone needs to bring a small plate to share but it will be a good day and knitting is welcome.   Feel free to get your wheels out in the afternoon though!

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