Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas!

May you all have time for some knitting, spinning, weaving or other enjoyable activity and best wishes for an enjoyable and safe holiday season

Saturday, December 13, 2014

2014 Christmas Lunch

Next Saturday is our final Saturday this year, so this Saturday was our Christmas lunch.   It was a nice gathering, plenty of people, lots of lovely food to go with the great company and of course we all had fun.
The theme for this year was "New Beginnings" and a number of us brought items in to show off.   I can't remember who brought what in many cases so I'll note those I know but don't feel left out if I don't have your name, it's not a snub, just my awful memory for names!

Cushion and skein from one of our beginner spinners, the fluff is from her own angora bunny!   I think she might be a natural.

Joanne's shawl for the Mystery Knit Along (MKAL) hosted by Kate Mahony of Heavenly Wools.

Some rolags from the blending board made by the lady with the angora bunny; these were lovely and I can't wait to see the finished yarn.

Mary Catherine has been busy making shawls from handspun, this is the leftovers from the next project.

Mary Catherine's art deco shawl; it's glorious and I think I want to knit one too.

A re-knit jersey by Mary Catherine; the original developed a hole in the middle so she undid it and re-knit it from scratch; so truly new beginnings for the yarn.

A crocheted hat, can't remember who by but I know it wasn't her first but pretty close to it.

Jan F's first 8-shaft project off the Bartlett in our rooms

Teeny preemie hat and booties for the smallest of new beginnings.

I think this was Jan F's as well, a baby cardigan.

Not my best photo ever, but lovely yarn.

Mini skeins from another new spinner, these are alpaca and tussah silk for one and pure tussah for the other.

Mary Anne made this pattern especially for handspinners and offered it to us free of charge on the day; this is the simpler version

and this is the slightly more complex one; there is the option of nupps or beads or plain depending on preference.

Meg has been making tapestries; this is lovely work.

Needlepoint from the head of Eleanor

Weaving from Rachelle, started weaving properly this year, this is her second project which is cotton placemats

This was Rachelle's first project which is a plain weave wool scarf

and her third project which is a superwash wool scarf in a point twill.

Sue's been busy making blankets trying out new techniques.  This is a traditional Shetland style square blanket from handspun.

and this was Sue's first Pi Shawl, which was using commercial baby yarn.  We're pretty sure she doesn't sleep.
and how the rooms looked today; there's a bunch more people you can't see as I was being lazy and taking the photo from my wheel.
So, that's probably it from me for the year, next Saturday I won't be there unless the weather stops my family get-together.    I hope everyone has a truly excellent Christmas and New Year and we can get together to show what we've created over the break.    I'm working on some knitting today and hopefully testing out my new lace flyer!    HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Saturday 06 December 2014

Gosh, December already!    Don't forget it's the Christmas lunch next Saturday.  If you could please bring a plate of food to share, your own crockery and cutlery and an item of non-perishable food for the donation to the City Mission please.  We are expecting there to be room to spin if you so desire.

Finally for the Christmas lunch, don't forget to bring your items for this year's theme of "New Beginnings"

This weekend there were some lovely finished items for us all to admire

Rachelle's cowl made from super bulky commercial yarn (Noro Silk Mountain), a very effective pattern for this sort of yarn.

Sue has obviously not been stopping to sleep, this amazing blanket from handspun yarn has fallen off her needles

Mary Catherine has been busy spinning, my favourite colours too!

Raewyn made these teeny tiny wee booties; so cute!

Diane has been making an amigurimi; the other side has it asleep.

Jenny's socks, the ones on top were obviously for larger feet and so even on the tension.

Rose finished the final length on the 8-shaft loom; it's not wet-finished yet but it looks pretty darned good straight off the loom!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Notices and Newsletter

If you normally get notices and newsletters by email be aware that Mary Catherine had a computer failure and although she hopes she's got all her information back there may be some email addresses missing.    If you're not getting newsletters (next one is due out next weekend) then please email her directly to let her know.

I will post photo's shortly for everyone