Saturday, February 21, 2015

Feb 21st 2015

Another lovely summer day yesterday, and once again we had a great turnout.   In the afternoon there was a forum on natural dyeing and quite a few members attended that.   I didn't so can't give feedback, but I do know that the decision was made to dye using either alum or copper sulphate as mordants as both are safe to use and disposal isn't an environmental hazard like tin or chrome are.

We will be having other forums throughout the year on subjects ranging from how to use textile sites on the internet through to fibre preparation tools, spinning non-sheep fibres, how to use multi-coloured yarns, different sheep breed fleece and making braids.    These will be open to the public, guild members pay $2 and non-guild pay $5; well worth it too!  They will be held on the third Saturday of each month.

The first Saturday of each month is our monthly meeting when we will usually have either a speaker or a show and tell.   March is on embroidery,  April will be slightly later in the month as it's about Festival and will have to wait till everyone gets back home, May we have Shona Schofield speaking, June is our midwinter lunch and July will be Indrani Bedi on silk in India.

Now, what you've been waiting for of course, the show and tell from this week's work

Jan spun this beautiful alpaca

Mary Catherine has been busy with some of Anna's sock fibre, this is a blend of merino and nylon

Pam finished this blanket using Anna Gratton's yarn which was custom dyed for the job.  This is a wedding present and in my opinion is much nicer than anything shop bought.

Tedge knit these socks using the let-the-yarn-shine pattern from the Solefull Socks Knitting From the Ground Up book

This is East Fresian fibre plied with silk by Rachelle

and it's being knit into a small sample sock

Monday, February 16, 2015

Saturday 17 Feb 2015

Sorry it's late, I got distracted by family and by sewing my 1810's stays.

Kerry's blocked Pi Shawl

An Angora and Merino scarf, not sure of the creator's name

I believe this is Kerry's tea towel

Faith made this lovely cushion

Susan spun this squooshy yarn

Emily who's at primary school knit this very useful scarf and I hope she's very proud of it.
Sue has been busy with garter stitch and feather and fan making a crescent shaped shawl.

detail of the feather and fan.
Shadow weave by Kerry

Barbara finished her garter stitch romney blanket

Lyndsay brought this along to show what you can do with tablet weaving.

A gorgeous jersey for a grandson, this is from one of our newer members, unfortunately I don't know her name yet.

Raewyn's been dyeing yarn
I'm not sure who's this is, either this or the one below is Diane's, the other I must have missed noting down.

Friday, February 6, 2015

7th February 2015

A relatively quiet day today due to the Declutter sale on at St Mark's Church in Opawa.    We had a  good group though and one of our newer members was working on a rigid heddle loom doing tablet-weaving which I've seen on the internet before but never in real life!
This is tablet weaving and is going to be a belt.   I definitely want to see more of this, it's fascinating!
We also had yarn, weaving, knitting and a flax bag (kete) on display

Rachelle's fulled singles yarn, it lost 18m off the total due to the shock treatment

Jenny knit this lovely hat from an old pattern; it uses short rows for shaping.

Ria used up the warp left on her loom to make this beautiful piece of wool fabric

detail of the fabric

Jan F brought in her finished kete; lovely work.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

31 Jan 2015

The end of the month already, that has gone way too quickly!  Hope everyone is coping with the heat, and here to make it more bearable are our latest finished items.

Ria has been busy spinning, this was still drying but you can see how lovely it will be once dry

Eleanor dyed these yarns during the dye class, I think they're both gorgeous

Jenny has been busy Navajo plying merino and silk, the colours in this are divine.

Shirley has been busy producing socks again, wish I was that fast.

This is Rose's Pi shawl, it's making me want to finish mine even more now!

Detail from the Pi

I'm not sure who spun this, but I like the barber pole effect
Tedge spun and knit this shawl, the yarn is merino/alpaca/silk

I just love nupps and the beads are so sweet in there

Rose has also been busy quilting, this is going to a very lucky girl

Natalie has been knitting this beaded beret from handspun, such a lovely job

The top of the beret

Barbara spun this polwarth

and Natalie made these so sweet wee socks

Tedge spun this merino/silk yarn, hoping we get to see it knit up too
 I know there should be one more photo of yarn Anna had spun, but I seem to have lost the photo; sorry about that.
And while we were busy spinning and otherwise crafting there was a Kete class going on as well, everyone was having a lot of fun with this.