Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturday 28 March 2015

Another very busy day today, was nice to see the equipment being used and also lovely to have children coming in too.

There are two announcements that were made during the meeting.
1. Andrea is now the secretary for Creative Fibre
2. Rachelle was awarded the Creative Fibre Award for New Weavers, she is planning on getting Texsolve Heddles for her floor loom with the money

Back to our usual format now, and here are the photo's of everyone's work that was brought in to display.

Joanne made these very warm mitts; they demand stroking as they're merino/possum/silk

sampling by Ria

in order to create this lovely yarn.   Over 900m here, unwashed at this point as she's considering using it for weaving.

A gorgeous baby hat hand dyed by one of our newer members for her daughter.  Unfortunately I didn't catch her name.
Susan has been experimenting with making boucle yarn; I think she's done a beautiful job!

Raewyn has finished her Pi shawl.

Isn't it lovely?

The two yarns are Andrea's, created from fibre prepared on the guild hackle, the scarf is her son's off a knitter's loom

More detail on the scarf; it has a graduation of colours from one end to the other which the black sets off beautifully.

I think this was jan's colour course work, makes me rather wish I'd done it too!

Meg's scarf, the small end goes into the hole to hold it on securely.

and this is Paula's colour course work, you can see the photo in the work

Saturday, March 21, 2015

A gap filler

Since I couldn't be at guild yesterday I'm posting a video I put up on You Tube instead.
It's a beginner's attempt at corespinning; enjoy.
I did this after noticing that all the video's I found on corespinning were by people who'd obviously perfected their techniques.   This is my second ever bobbin, it it not perfect, but it is incredibly fun!

Friday, March 13, 2015

March 14th 2015

A lovely gathering today.   I did the grand total of one row on my shawl; I was too busy talking with old friends and new friends.

Kerry knit this colourful short row scarf

Ria has been busy spinning alpaca silk and even sampling!

Rachelle's been spinning merino in thick'n'thin yarn and plying with rayon

Rachelle also tried corepsinning for the first time; the top one is her second attempt

Kerry is making more tea-towels; I love the changes in colour in this one.

Andrea's been experimenting with her 4-shaft loom

making lots of scarves with a merino/bamboo yarn

and spinning yarn from her blending board

Bronwyn came in for the first time today, she's made these very cute wee mittens for her daughter.  Welcome Bronwyn!

Iris has tried spinning mohair as a change from angora (bunny fluff)
I have to say I love our guild, I love how we welcome new members and the amazing things everyone creates!   Have a great and creative week.

I won't be there next week, so instead I might post a link to the Youtube video I made about corespinning next weekend so there is something to keep everyone busy.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Today's display items

Rachelle spun these two yarns, left is superwash merino Navajo plied and on the right is alpaca spun long draw on a Majacraft stylus

Heather spun these two beauties

I think this was Valeries's work, beautifully even

Sue took inspiration from shells she found on the beach

Not sure who owns this lovely creation

Joanne knit this gorgeous mystery shawl
Joanne also knit this scarf, love the denser sections.

Sonya is designing again

and you can see that up close this yarn is not just black

Mary Anne made this lovely shawl

and Mary Catherine made this huge bump of yarn; gorgeous!

7th march 2015

Today was our monthly meeting and we had a real treat, Annette Thomson came along to show us her embroidery and knitting.  She had a wide range of items to show us, some she had with her and some were in a slideshow.   There was a Shetland Shawl that her great grandmother knit which is still used for christenings, a little cardigan by her grandmother, items that both her mother and her worked on which are incredibly precious now that her mother has gone and of course her own beautiful work which includes embroidery, knitting, smocking and sewing.
A machine embroidery and hand embroidery view from Annette's home on the hill

This is her great grandmother's beautiful Shetland shawl, incredibly fine work and in excellent condition

Elizabethan stumpwork stocking.  This was worked on by Annette and her mother as well.
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The bookmarks are from various plays, a bookmark is made for all the participants in each play.   The lighter blue scarf and hat were knit from yarn spun by Annette's grandmother.

Felted mistletoe tree ornament.

The outline for this piece was provided, but the inside was completely personal

This is another Christmas ornament, if you look closely you can see the tree is made from the word "Peace" mirrored.

An Elizabethan ruff

I love this wee butterfly, it has links to The Globe Theatre in London

One very well dressed kettle.

An embroidery sampler that was a mystery sampler

Christmas stockings
This is a lovely wee baby cardigan made by Annette's grandmother and worn by 3 generations so far.

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This is getting a little long now, so I'll put the display items from our members into a separate post.