Saturday, March 7, 2015

7th march 2015

Today was our monthly meeting and we had a real treat, Annette Thomson came along to show us her embroidery and knitting.  She had a wide range of items to show us, some she had with her and some were in a slideshow.   There was a Shetland Shawl that her great grandmother knit which is still used for christenings, a little cardigan by her grandmother, items that both her mother and her worked on which are incredibly precious now that her mother has gone and of course her own beautiful work which includes embroidery, knitting, smocking and sewing.
A machine embroidery and hand embroidery view from Annette's home on the hill

This is her great grandmother's beautiful Shetland shawl, incredibly fine work and in excellent condition

Elizabethan stumpwork stocking.  This was worked on by Annette and her mother as well.
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The bookmarks are from various plays, a bookmark is made for all the participants in each play.   The lighter blue scarf and hat were knit from yarn spun by Annette's grandmother.

Felted mistletoe tree ornament.

The outline for this piece was provided, but the inside was completely personal

This is another Christmas ornament, if you look closely you can see the tree is made from the word "Peace" mirrored.

An Elizabethan ruff

I love this wee butterfly, it has links to The Globe Theatre in London

One very well dressed kettle.

An embroidery sampler that was a mystery sampler

Christmas stockings
This is a lovely wee baby cardigan made by Annette's grandmother and worn by 3 generations so far.

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This is getting a little long now, so I'll put the display items from our members into a separate post.

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