Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturday 28 March 2015

Another very busy day today, was nice to see the equipment being used and also lovely to have children coming in too.

There are two announcements that were made during the meeting.
1. Andrea is now the secretary for Creative Fibre
2. Rachelle was awarded the Creative Fibre Award for New Weavers, she is planning on getting Texsolve Heddles for her floor loom with the money

Back to our usual format now, and here are the photo's of everyone's work that was brought in to display.

Joanne made these very warm mitts; they demand stroking as they're merino/possum/silk

sampling by Ria

in order to create this lovely yarn.   Over 900m here, unwashed at this point as she's considering using it for weaving.

A gorgeous baby hat hand dyed by one of our newer members for her daughter.  Unfortunately I didn't catch her name.
Susan has been experimenting with making boucle yarn; I think she's done a beautiful job!

Raewyn has finished her Pi shawl.

Isn't it lovely?

The two yarns are Andrea's, created from fibre prepared on the guild hackle, the scarf is her son's off a knitter's loom

More detail on the scarf; it has a graduation of colours from one end to the other which the black sets off beautifully.

I think this was jan's colour course work, makes me rather wish I'd done it too!

Meg's scarf, the small end goes into the hole to hold it on securely.

and this is Paula's colour course work, you can see the photo in the work

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