Friday, March 13, 2015

March 14th 2015

A lovely gathering today.   I did the grand total of one row on my shawl; I was too busy talking with old friends and new friends.

Kerry knit this colourful short row scarf

Ria has been busy spinning alpaca silk and even sampling!

Rachelle's been spinning merino in thick'n'thin yarn and plying with rayon

Rachelle also tried corepsinning for the first time; the top one is her second attempt

Kerry is making more tea-towels; I love the changes in colour in this one.

Andrea's been experimenting with her 4-shaft loom

making lots of scarves with a merino/bamboo yarn

and spinning yarn from her blending board

Bronwyn came in for the first time today, she's made these very cute wee mittens for her daughter.  Welcome Bronwyn!

Iris has tried spinning mohair as a change from angora (bunny fluff)
I have to say I love our guild, I love how we welcome new members and the amazing things everyone creates!   Have a great and creative week.

I won't be there next week, so instead I might post a link to the Youtube video I made about corespinning next weekend so there is something to keep everyone busy.

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