Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday April 19th, 2015

It was a good day with an award presented to Rachelle for the New Weaver's Award, several visitors and demonstrations of equipment.

I'm afraid I didn't note down who brought which items in for display, no paper in my bag and I didn't actually see who made a couple of them at all so I apologise for that.

I remember this was merino and silk, but not who spun it; beautifully soft

Kerry wove this to upholster a chair, this is what was left over

A knitted washcloth, not sure who by

Jan has been making samples on her loom and is thinking about turning them into bags, they look really good.

I think this was Heather's, she used slub linen to make a net curtain and to practice some lace weaving.

Janet made another of her chevron skirts; this one doesn't have an owner yet but I don't think it'll take her long to sell it.

A handknit (suspect handspun) jersey that will keep someone beautifully warm.   Unfortunately I don't know who knit this one either.

Sandra's haul from Festival.  The bottom left silk was dyed in a workshop by Sandra and is lovely.
 Using the blending board - presented by Tedge
loading the board

after brushing it all down you flick up the ends

And use two offset dowels to wind some off; stretching the fibre as you go.   Unfortunately the photo of this step failed to upload.
 Using wool combs was demonstrated by Margaret Stove and we all learned about spinning from the tip which helps prevent pilling.  It was a very interesting demonstration.  Margaret was using a set of 5 row combs that she bought in the USA on a visit there.   Similar to the ones the guild has, but a little finer.
Taking the fibre from the first comb onto the hand-held comb.

Here she is putting it back on the first  comb (second pass)

and here it's being dizzed off into top form.   This is one of my favourite preps for spinning from.
 Drum Carding was also demonstrated by Rachelle
Unfortunately as I'm also the photographer there was only this one shot.   At some point though I'll do a video which I can do at home and load here for anyone to watch.
I think this is one of my favourite parts of belonging to the guild,getting to see how people do things on equipment that we don't necessarily have access to at home, and knowing we can use this equipment ourselves at the guild.

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