Saturday, May 2, 2015

Saturday 02 May 2015

This was a great Saturday to get to the guild, we had Shona Schofield to talk to us about Exhibition entries for the future and also about felting. She showed us a range of garments that she has made and if it wasn't for the fact that I don't have time for the fibre crafts I currently do I would have been seriously tempted to give it a go!

This is the most amazing felted coat which incorporates a sari

I didn't ask how much it was, safer that way I suspect

detail of the fabric from another coat and a very nice dress

A jacket

A dress from leftovers, dyed using gum leaves in an iron pot (hence the dark grey areas)

My camera had some difficulty focussing here, but this is the companion to the first dress, it's beaded as well as dyed.

And finally a lovely turquoise dress using some texture and unusual shaping on the front.

close up of the detail on the turquoise dress.
As well as Shona's talk we had a fairly full display table, lovely work as usual
This skein is by Rachelle using a 50/50 merino/silk blend in a colourway called "Quoth the Raven" which is part of a Discworld Spin Along

Iris has been busy, this is her first pair of socks from handspun mohair and she's done an excellent job!

She's also been spinning black Tallyho merino, super squishy.

Jenny's been busy with socks as well, nice cheerful colours for winter

Diane has been playing with her blending board to make these rolags

Although the colours in these two are related they're made by different people.  The boucle scarf was made by Susan from her handspun boucle yarn and is even more gorgeous in person.   The yarn was spun by Jenny and is equally lovely.

Susan also spun this large skein of merino/silk, 1 ply is merino/silk by Anna, the other is plain merino also dyed by Anna and they've been put together to make a beautiful yarn.

And finally we have a handknit (large) baby blanket by Margaret which was knit for her daughter's friend from Acrylic yarn to be baby proof.   Should do an excellent job of keeping the baby warm and I hope the recipient appreciates the work that's gone into a warm form of love for her baby.

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