Sunday, May 10, 2015

Saturday 9 May 2015

Another truly excellent day with a great group of people (isn't it always?) and a good session in the afternoon on skirting a fleece which was presented by Janice Winter.  Janice also brought some of her fleeces, both raw and in roving form, I missed the initial rush photo, but I got one once it had cleared out a wee bit!
There was probably twice as many bags at the beginning
There was a great turnout on the display table too, a suggestion was made to take a high shot to better show off just how much pretty was there!
Isn't it gorgeous?  Such a great range too
Mary Catherine has been busy making a beautiful lace tunic

Anna was gifted this cabled yarn

Ria spun the yarn for this, it's polwarth plied with silk noil and gorgeous!
Results of the dye course being run on Wednesdays from 10am; $20 per session and well worth it

More dye results

Rosemary knit this ribbed scarf with a cable surprise

more dye day yarn

Pauline made this wrap in various natural shades of alpaca and merino; it has pizazz!

Pam's been busy, this is her first ever double knit piece and it's turned out brilliantly, the pattern is a free on available on Ravelry for anyone who wants to try out the technique.

This is also Pam's, the first half of a rainbow laceweight yarn in silk and baby alpaca; a little over a kilometer of yarn; the photo does not convey the softness of this beauty.
And a close up of said beauty

And Pam's final piece this time is a rectangular wrap with stone chip border giving it excellent weight.   This is just the thing for an evening out and is stunning in person.

A close up of the border, I never would have thought to use semi-precious stones for this, but I definitely would now!

Sarah brought in this natural romney shawl which was actually spun from one of Janice Winter's fleeces.   I love how a natural fleece changes colours, it gives the piece great depth.

Raewyn has been spinning merino/silk into these two lovely skeins; can't wait to see them turned into something.

And Mary Catherine modelling her top, the length is just right and it'll be a very versatile summer layer.

The back looks just as good as the front, I think I want one.

Sandra knit this very cute wee baby bonnet over a very short space of time, garter stitch will make it nice and warm and squishy for a winter baby.

Andrea has been spinning corriedale yarn, I just loved this

and she also made this "cowl thing", it's full of interest due to the various fibres that were blended into the yarn; can't get this sort of result from store-bought.

And finally, we have Mary-Anne's latest shawl, I think she was lucky to take this one home with her

Apparently one of the test knitters put beads down the spine of hers, I think that would be a great touch, but then I'm a big fan of beads.
Have a great week everyone and don't forget we have the Malvern Spinner's coming to visit on Monday and on Friday it's the Area Open Day so make sure you come along

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