Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday 23 May 2015

A really good day, I got virtually nothing done on my spinning, but sometimes that's a good thing.  I certainly enjoyed the day!
We had some visitors.   One Rosemary McLeod who was coming to the Fibre Network AGM to give a talk and dropped in to visit us too.  She brought with her the most wonderful scarf from Tate which we all admired and I got to photograph for our blog

It's really light and soft and I love how the pattern changes on it.

Our other visitor was Holly who is a self taught weaver and was coming to see if she wanted to join.   She brought along two wraps that she'd woven to use as baby carriers.  One was all cotton and the other is a cotton warp and merino weft
It's very soft and strong and very well done

A close up shot was necessary
We also had 3 cowls knit by Jan F.
All are merino/possum using Amuri yarn from Naturally Yarns.  Nice and soft and will be lovely and warm.

And finally, Rachelle brought in the yarn she got for weaving with from; this is a cashmere/silk/merino/angora blend in laceweight.    It's probably going to become a shawl in a point twill.
I hope everyone is taking advantage of the lovely weather and spending time outside; it might be a little cool but that sun is very nice.
See you all next weekend and have a lovely week.

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