Sunday, June 7, 2015

Saturday 08 June 2015

Better late than never, unfortunately I had to leave early on Saturday so I don't know who made half of the items on here, but they still deserve to be admired so I'm going to show you what was completed this week.

Lovely wee baby jacket with a shimmer to it, the yarn carries a strand of shiny

I loved these booties, so sweet and the lace just takes them a step up.

Yarn that was dyed on Wednesday and you can see how it knits up too.

Anna's been spinning Wensleydale, I love this stuff, no sproing, but such a lovely sheen and despite being a longwool it's not prickly.

A lovely weaving sampler/scarf

Rachelle's been spinning Finn, this is two different colourways plyed together, approximately Aran weight.

Rachelle has also been knitting socks for her youngest.

I think this was alpaca in natural shades

More dyeing

Paula's been busy knitting, the colour is off on this though, the white is actually a light steel blue/grey

This is her second colourway, once again not quite right for the colour, I think I need to change the white balance.

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