Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Saturday 18th July 2015

Sorry it's late, will try to make it earlier next time.    Some lovely items on the table this week, and several on our members as well!
Jenny was knitting socks from stash leftovers, this combo works well

Rachelle has been knitting a warm winter hat using merino/possum yarn

She's also been spinning perendale/stainless steel in bulky weight yarn

and South African Superfine in a DK

Heather has been making slipper (the extra one is on the needles)

and a very cool hat
as well as basic mittens to go with it

Look at Rose's lovey new jacket

all her own weaving

More of Heather's mitts, love the suble colours in this

Valerie is on a scarf making streak, a lovely woven scarf in silk and merino as well as a knit scarf

Mary Catherine was nice and warm in her new cardigan, she dyed the wool and it's come out beautifully!

Ria spun the yarn for this cardigan and I think it showcases why handspun is so wonderful for cardigans.

Rose has also been busy on the loom making blankets for babies, so soft and pretty.

Rose also made this "scoodie" (scarf/hoodie) to keep warm, good luck getting any cold drafts when wearing this beauty

Sarah spun this fawn romney/polwarth cross yarn, it's a combo I'd love to try too.

Kerry's been spinning, love this colourscheme and the yarn's nice too, she didn't say what it's going to be.

Tedge knit this wool jersey, it's going to her son I believe, should be lovely and warm and felt hardwearing too.

and Sandra knit this triangular shawl, the pattern shows the yarn variations nicely.
 Have a good week everyone and stay warm, see you next time with more lovely (and warm) creations from our members.

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