Friday, August 14, 2015

No photo's I'm afraid

The guild photographer is currently without transport so didn't make it in this weekend.   Also to remind you that the next 3 weekends are similarly affected even if the car is repaired in time due to Glentui (if I get there) and Scouts commitments as well.

Apologies to those of you missing your weekly catch up, normal service will resume after this.


Saturday, August 8, 2015

Saturday 08 August 2015

A cold and damp weekend this time, along with some snow for a lot of us so a good time to be indoors doing fibre arts. It was certainly busy at our meeting with everyone creating.

Dawn has been making this lovely bright jacket for a wee relative, just the thing for a grey day.

Anna's been spinning, this yarn is destined for the shop and I'm sure it'll sell quickly too.

Mary Catherine spun some Vintage Purls fibre into this lovely gradient yarn.

Rachelle's been busy clearing off her bobbins, this is Perendale 2-ply

Rachelle's also spinning for a jersey, this is on a charcoal base
and the same colour on a dark grey base; light grey and white to come.
Not the best photo, but this is gorgeous merino/silk spun by Joanne and dyed by Anna.

Heather made a crazy hat using crochet hooks and circular needles to attach squares of knitting and crochet to the hat.

Jan spun this yarn which is a 2-ply using two different colourways.

Andrea's been weaving again, this is two lengths sewn together to make a wrap, very nice!

and this is now it looks when worn, I suspect that there may be some similar items being made soon.

I think this may have been Andrea's too, it turned up when I wasn't looking.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Saturday 01 August 2015

Wow, August already!   This year is flying by, but at least August has 5 Saturdays.   I won't be getting to two of them though, I'll be at Glentui for one and the other I have family commitments.
This Saturday we had a presentation by Mary-Ann Mace on how she gets her inspiration for shawl design and a little of the process that creates those designs after coming up with the idea.  It was very interesting and one day I hope to be able to do some more designing myself, I suspect a few people may be feeling inspired now.

The display table had some lovely things on it as it normally does, unfortunately I had no paper on me so there's no names attached to the items.  Just enjoy.

I know this was a purchased yarn, love the colours though.

I know this was Pam's shawl, all in natural shade of alpaca and is a present for a friend.

and these two are Joanne's, her final Tour de Fleece spins.

Some of Mary-Anne's shawls, the sweet tin is actually full of swatches

Her latest shawl which is being test knit and is called "Lace Eater"

One of the swatches made while working out the shawl mechanics

not a good angle, but you can see she puts the various swatches together to get an idea of how it will work together.
 Next up is some of the items made for the Mad Hatter's Tea Party on Monday just gone, all knit or crocheted.

or in one case, made from felt
Keep well everyone, and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts!