Sunday, December 4, 2016

Saturday 03 December 2016

This was our Christmas lunch so quite a few people came along. As expected there was lots of yummy food, though that's not what you're here for so I'll go straight to the items people had finished and brought along for display.

Rose spun the yarn and then knitted this jacket

Rosemary has been making hats with orange in them

Rachelle finished her colourwork yoked sweater

Tedge has been spinning, this is merino (top) and merino/silk (bottom two) all dyed by Anna Harris.

Elena has been busy spinning as well, she's looking forward to knitting this lovely yarn up.

She's also made a pair of mitts

handspun socks (sorry the camera didn't want to focus)

and a colourwork hat and cowl/snood

Sonya made this pattern up for a lovely scarf

and after her son said his brother needed something purple in his wardrobe, this wee singlet was made for Robert.

Shirley has been sock knitting again, this one with scraps.  She was asked how many she'd made this year and thinks around 50.   Not sure if that's individual socks or pairs, either way it's pretty impressive!
Mary Ann Mace has been busy again, this is Half Empty/Half Full

I didn't hear what this one was called, but I think it might be my favourite

and this lovely is Seafog and knit from a possum/merino/silk blend

Meg brought in her tapestry in blues, it's random shapes and I think it is very effective.

and finally Mary Catherine wore her new jersey in, it's in handspun cotton and she's about to start another one in a different colourway.  It's a very effective pattern.
 Unfortunately this will be the last blog post for this year, I have family commitments for the next two Saturdays which mean I can't make it in.  In saying that my hope for all of us is that we have a merry and safe Christmas and New Year and I'll see you all next year in 2017.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Saturday 20 November 2016

Another nice day at guild, not as many people as usual, but a fine day so I suspect many were out in the garden.
Valerie's socks, she doesn't recommend the yarn as the checkered stripe section came out differently on each sock

Joanne's knitted Christmas baubles, they're stuffed with Corriedale wool

Rosemary's blanket, this one has a nice crisp look to it

and this one is more subtle, the phone camera had problems focusing because of that.

and finally, Mary Catherine's vest, hopefully she got to take this one home, a number of people were quite keen on keeping it!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I thought you might enjoy this

The last two Saturday's I haven't managed to get to guild as I've had varicose vein surgery and sitting for too long was a no-go, standing is even worse so instead I stayed home and pottered.  Unfortunately that meant no photos, I did however just find a very cool YouTube video via the Knitty Blog which I had to show you here.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Saturday 29 October 2016

It was the AGM yesterday and as a result we didn't go through the items on the table at the usual time.  I don't know who made most of them so it'll just be the photos this time.

I think this was Andrea's work.

This was also Andrea's work, she was wearing it when she arrived, and it looked good :)

Monday, October 24, 2016

Saturday 22 October 2016

It was nice to spend some time at the guild this weekend, I suspect most of us also spent some time in the garden with it being Labour Weekend.  We had a few visitors through the rooms as well, we always enjoy that.

There are a few items to show off from the table this weekend, enjoy.

This is Wayne's handspun and hand woven floor runner, it turned out beautifully.
Rachelle finished these socks for her son, unfortunately his feet have suddenly grown widthwise as well as in length so they're now hers.

Jenny has been spinning, gorgeous colours!

Mary Catherine mad the loop cowl, should be very handy for next winter.

Heather has been weaving bookmarks, they're so small and sweet!

Iris has been spinning art yarn again, this is corespun and you can see it in use in the "scarfy thing" she made

and this is tailspinning, also by Iris.

Jan has been spinning natural wool, I love the colour changes that happen when spun from the lock

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Saturday 15 October 2016

Another lovely day, I got more talking done than knitting and I suspect I wasn't the only one!  We also had a number of visitors through looking at what we were doing and at the Heritage Week display.  I will post photos of that later, but I used the good camera and at the moment I can't hook that up to the PC as it's in the shop.  I'm using my husband's laptop till it comes back, which means I can use cellphone pics, but not the DSLR.

This is Mary Catherine's cotton spinning, very impressive!

Diane made these teeny little booties for a premmie baby

Heather wove this, it's currently a shawl length, but she's thinking about turning it into a top.

She also wove this from leftovers, such a fun way to make fabric!

and this is Heather's too, the colours work so well together.

This is Diane S's spinning, it's brighter in person.

Jan knit this gorgeous wee hat

Ellie has almost finished this blanket using a yarn with alpaca in it, wonderful weight and a nice muted tone.
Ellie has also been making a quilt, this one is using all Liberty of London fabrics (which are wonderful to work with)

Friday, October 7, 2016

Saturday 08 October 2016

Still feels odd to think we're in October already!  Once again today I didn't get to stay long enough to find out who made the items on the display table aside from one so it'll be mostly just pictures with no comments.  Hopefully I'll get to stay longer next weekend.
Oh, and the photos are from my cellphone, at least one didn't focus and I didn't notice till I got home, my apologies for that.

This is Pam's handspinning

And the blur that should have been Sonya's lovely cowl from handspun
 There was one more photo of some natural handspun, you can see a hint of it in the sock photo above, but for some reason although it displays fine on my phone and in my files it won't upload properly to Blogger and comes up with a mostly blank shot.