Friday, January 29, 2016

Saturday 30 January

The end of January already, how did that happen?   I hope everyone has been enjoying the nice days we've had and has hunkered down with their wheels, needles, looms etc on the not so nice ones; seems there's been a lot of the not so nice days of late.  Here's hoping that rain has done the farmers some good and our gardens as well!

Today was a very busy day, a lot of members attended and the display table was groaning with all the items we'd worked on over the holiday period.  Be aware this is a very pic-heavy post so if you're on a slower connection you may want to go and make a cup of tea.

Rachelle finished these colourwork fingerless gloves using Vintage Purls; only took 1.5 years!

Diane has knit another pretty hat

Anna's been busy dyeing and felting, these are destined for the shop

Anna's also been spinning, this beauty will also be found in the shop.

Jenny spun the yarn for this from Anna's fibre and then Roger knit it into this lovely scarf.

Mary Catherine spun the merino yarn for this and then knit it on 2.5mm needles, despite the tight gauge it has wonderful drape and feels amazing!

a close up of the jersey

Heather has been dyeing yarn in various shades of green

Jan has been busy, here's her romney yarn (pink and grey) and a cowl being knit in Heavenly Wools Pukeko colourway.

Meg wove this tapestry which is based around her garden.

Sarah has been busy too, this wrap is knit in the Old Shale pattern using Romney she spun

and this is some of the Romney she spun

she's also been busy knitting this cardigan for her great niece

and this mohair shawl in very fine yarn; so light and soft!

Kerry made these Inuit gloves from woven fabric which are very warm

Margaret has been busy designing and knitting this lovely shawl

detail of the edging

this is also Margaret's work, so beautifully even.

Pam has been super-busy, this is corespun yarn

and her bulky teal merino, which has wonderful squoosh

more corespun, this is even more beautiful in person

This yarn was spun long draw also by Pam and has some glitz

Not content with spinning, Pam's also been knitting and made this lovely green shawl with beaded edge

detail of the edge, love how it looks like dew drops

The colour on this is off, it's actually a light teal.  More of Pam's work and is a cowl knit from Madeline Tosh yarn

Pam is also delving into weaving, this is a mohair warp (Anna Gratton's yarn) with a random green from stash; not finished yet, but still lovely.  Pam is self-taught and this is her first piece off the loom.

Another of Pam's knitted pieces, I watched her spin the yarn for this; it's a huge wrap and oh, so gorgeous!

Rose has been busy spinning too, this skein is lovely

and I think she might be lucky to take these mitts home, such beautiful colours!

Diane is partway through knitting this scarf in handspun, it shows off the variation in colour beautifully.

Raewyn has been busy making this beautiful copper coloured merino/silk and was planning a shawl, she's not sure now but whatever it is will be stunning!

She's also made this very nice pair of socks for a family member, someone in the guild offered to become part of her family if it'll get her similar socks.

Lynne has been spinning llama, it is very nice

and this is Rosalie's spinning, quite an impressive pile!
Finally we have Heather's weaving that she's turned into little gift bags for Christmas, there were obviously more, but they got used.
See what I mean by how productive we've been?  I know some things didn't come in, some of them were shown in previous weeks and some were gifted before they had a chance to be shown off.  I don't know about you, but I feel inspired!

Don't forget that next Saturday is the Fibre Network's declutter sale, all proceeds to the Network who promote the guild and other fibre-related groups throughout Christchurch.  It's being held at St Marks Church in Opawa Rd from 9am till 12pm on Saturday 6th February.

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