Sunday, February 14, 2016

Saturday 13 Feb 2016

Another full table to show off this weekend

Ria found some yarn in her stash that needed using.

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More of Ria's, this is perendale

Valerie wove 5m of handspun fabric to make a Ruana using her 16 shaft loom.

Pam's been crocheting Wookies, she's already sent several to new homes

they use a fun fur held with a normal yarn and are then brushed with a dog brush to make them properly wookyish.

and this is Pam's blanket finished, with a nice short fringe that works brilliantly.

and finally for Pam this is her first pair of handknit socks, she has another pair on the needles.

Rose spun these two very different skeins, both are lovely.

Diane has been busy spinning these lovely gradient yarns.

Sarah knit this light scarf from a commercial mohair yarn

Heather's been weaving overshot

both are gorgeous

Rosalie has been busy spinning this unknown fibre

Eleanor has been knitting socks, tight gauge in singles.

Margaret knit this from polwarth handspun, yummy!

and this is also Margaret's using handspun halfbred and silk

Simone has been weaving too, this is a twill piece and very effective.

Diane has been knitting for charity, acrylic for easy care for a new mum

and Janet has been using left over stash yarn to make a baby blanket.

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