Monday, February 8, 2016

Saturday 6 February 2016

Another busy day this Saturday, lots of lovely items to show off.

Joanne knit this very attractive Regency Lady, plus a dress and fichu.  There is a Man in progress as well; can't wait!

She has a number 12 wire armature to keep her steady, the original pipecleaners resulted in a lot of period correct swooning.

Joanne also knit this pair of socks in a heavier self-striping yarn, it's been discontinued so if you have any in your stash (close to DK weight) she'd be keen to give it a new home.

I'm not sure who knit this, for some reason it didn't come up in the show and tell, but it's very fine work with a thin yarn on small needles.

Dian's been busy making booties, so cute!

Hmm, not sure who spun this either, it's not on my list; maybe it'd gone home before the show and tell happened.

Sue made this vest using Prince George's Vest pattern for her nephew Ollie from felted singles.   It's gorgeous and he is a very lucky wee boy!

Diane knit this scarf from some of her earlier handspun, love the colours through it.

Iris has been busy making yarn too, some of these are as the result of working her way through the Craftsy Art Yarn class (online).  The red is dyed using Madder, the other 3 are all art yarns; the leftmost is singles and the other two are thick'n'thin with a commercial thread ply.  I love them all!

Sonya's been busy making colourwork socks, the next photo shows them in all their glory; 2nd sock is on the needles.

See what I mean?   Reminds me of a phoenix.  The pattern is by Morag of Vintage Purls, the Nightingale socks

and finally we have 3 skeins spun by Janet.  The brown on the right is a greasy fleece, the middle brown is alpaca and the terracotta is an unknown wool with silk (we all have those unknown ones in our stash)
And that's it for another week, looking forward to next Saturday where there's bound to be new lovelies to drool over.  Have a great week and I'll see you then!

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