Saturday, March 12, 2016

Saturday 12 March 2016

Apologies for missing last week, but I was busy reinstalling my operating system, 3 times and then of course installing all the other software and my files.  Now it's all done so hopefully things will go smoothly from here.

This weekend there were some lovely items brought in to share, I think you're going to love them!

Heather has been weaving, she's not sure if this is going to stay as a blanket or become fabric yardage

close up of the weaving, I think it would be a wonderful blanket.

Sue dyed this for a jersey

she also made these mitts from handspun merino, Anna was the dyer.

Paula knit this wonderful shawl using Mary-Anne's latest pattern, it was one of the test knits.

Kerry's been making woven twiddle muffs

and she's been working on bedford cord weaving, there's heaps of colours in this roll and it'll become cushion covers.

Joanne's been spinning, this was on the wheel for a while, but well worth the wait, Anna was the dyer here too.

This shawl is also Joanne's, she's considering ripping and reknitting to get a better shape as it's a bit too unweildy when worn.

Jan's been spinning more of Anna's dyed fibre, all of it seems to turn out well.

close up of the next shawl
This is Mary Catherine's work and feels amazing!  The fibre was merino/silk/camel down.
she also spun this English Leicester which is gorgeous.

Andrea has been busy too, this is handwoven and is going to be a gift for her mother

this is some of Andrea's bulky spinning.  It's fun to try out new things.

Jan did some dyeing, the pink is acid dye and the more natural shades came from Silver Dollar Gum

Iris has been spinning too, isn't it lovely?  This is merino/alpaca/silk/nylon.

And Rosalie has been knitting wrist warmers, hard to believe we'll all be needing this sort of thing soon.
And that's it for this week, can't wait to get back next week and see what else has been created.

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