Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Saturday 26 March 2016

Even though it is a holiday weekend there was still a fantastic array of items on the table that people have been busy making

Diane's been busy making more cute wee booties

Emily has completed her project bag. This is her first machine sewing project at Intermediate. Most created a single layer roll top bag, Emily decided on a reversible bag. Once home she converted it to a drawstring bag that she is now able to use as a knitting/crochet project bag. Woohoo Emily

this is some of the fibre that was dyed on a recent dye day

and the rest of it which is very autumnal

The back of Heather's vest

Heather has finished weaving the fabric and sewing up for this lovely waistcoat – the project is part of her correspondence weaving course
– she has also produced these tapestry weaving pictures as part of the course

Heather has completed this length of purple fabric that she says will become a wrap – the purple she dyed herself and the gold came from a gift in her stash

Kerry has been making more cute pin cushions from some of her woven fabric
Pam has been busy spinning this gorgeous aqua/brown heavy lace weight yarn that is destined to be a wrap

Pam has also been carding and we all admired these lovely clouds of dyed and carded fleece

Ria has been busy weaving Alpaca and produced these two  beautiful scarves

Rose has taken this off her loom, she was using up the yarn for the warp
Sonya has been knitting this stunning lace shawl with beading in the centre of the lace patterns and around the edge, apologies for the sideways view

Shawl spread out to show the lovely lace pattern and bead trim

These socks are also Sonya's from the first round  of Sock Madness 2016

Sue has been book binding – the left  one is a tape system binding and the right one an example of early binding with braid

Wayne was at a recent dye day and has produced this wonderful selection of dyed yarn that he has also spun

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