Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturday 23 April 2016

Another good day, not quite as busy as a few of our members are up in Auckland getting ready for Festival, even more will be away next weekend as that's when Festival is actually on.  Next year it's here in Christchurch!

Back to business, the showing off of the wonderful selection on our show and tell table this weekend, plus some random "on the wheel" photos.

Jenny has been knitting socks, a good way to use up leftovers

Sarah has been dying, the skein on the bottom was originally green and is much more to her taste now

Sandra knit this shawl in Vintage Purls yarn using the pattern Connie

don't you just love how natural wool looks on the bobbin?

Though dyed merino/cashmere/silk is also yummy

and this is the beginning of filling another bobbin

Meg has been knitting mittens, I think this is probably handspun

Jan's been busy knitting little striped socks

and has finished her Hitchhiker shawl as well, I love the stripes

Jan knit this scarf from some yarn Anna dyed a while back

Janet used her first handspun to make a tea cosy, I think it really needs a teapot to be seen at its best though.

This is Wayne's weaving, he's done a brilliant job

and Heather has also been weaving, this is a set of tea towels in cottolin.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Saturday 16 April 2016

It was a lovely day on Saturday and the guild was full again, certainly the number of people attending has grown since we moved into The Tannery.  As usual there was a table full of lovely hand crafted works of art.

Kerry has been very busy at home, this is a set of linen mats.

and this is some brown cormo handspun

black boucle fabric

teeny tiny hats for newborns (are they really that small?)

This came off the guild 8-shaft loom

for some reason this one isn't on my list so I'm not sure who wove it

Joanne turned the amazing marigold coloured merino/silk she spun from Fibre2go into this lovely shawl.  The pattern is my Mary Anne Mace and is called Minarets and Lace; Joanne added the picot bind off and beads

This sock was knit by Rachelle on 2mm needles and has since been frogged as it was too hard to get on; lovely sock to look at though.

Pam's been busy again too, the top skein is dyed by Fibre2Go in the embers colourway and the blue and black is Yarnshine Galaxy Batts, both are gorgeous.

This scarf is also Pams, the pattern is called Null Hypothesis and is all science based, it was knit in Outlaw Yarns sportweight and feels divine.  The technique used is double knitting and it's fully reversible.

detail of Pam's scarf

Rosalie found this in her bits and bobs and decided to finish it off for a lucky baby.

Bronwyn has been dyeing yarn, the one on the left is using onion skins, the green is a Minecraft colourway.

and her first gradient which should look wonderful once it's knit into something.

Sonya's been knitting socks, and you can just see a wee bit of the book binding she did as well.

and two samples of the sock Rachelle also knit, Sonya's are more wearable luckily.

Finally, this is Emily's first mini-sock, it's so cute!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Saturday 09 April 2016

Another lovely day followed by several more, hence me getting into the garden instead of updating the guild blog.

Valerie has been weaving, this is an original design using some of Marnie Kelly's mohair and merino yarn

Margaret S has been spinning, this is a very fine cashmere single plied with a silk cap, it's divinely soft.

Sue has been dyeing again, this is alpaca

Rosalie has been working on some of Anna's merino/silk, I think I have this one in my stash too

Lynn has been weaving with alpaca boucle, this little jacket will keep her lovely and warm this winter.

Heather has been weaving as well, these two scarves are for her sister and brother-in-law; she's not 100% happy with them, but we all thought they looked great!

Janet has been knitting a baby blanket for Pregnancy Help

and finally Jan was in Melbourne and this is what she brought back.  The wool and silk skeins on the right are both in the same colourway from an indie dyer and the blue is a beautiful superfine merino laceweight. 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Saturday 02 April 2016

It was a good day to be at guild, damp but sort of warm at times; really just not sure what it wanted to be weatherwise.
Faith has been knitting these lovely rainbow socks

Jenny has been spinning beautiful yarn

and making fun hats

Sue has been dyeing yarn, this is such a fun colourway
and knitting a vest and mittens for a wee relative

Meg finished a twiddlemuff and isn't keen on doing another, but whoever gets this one will appreciate the textures in it.

Ria has been spinning Romney, don't let the photo fool you, this is a huge bobbin!

Mary Catherine knit this lap blanket, it looks really good!

Rose has been knitting booties for Pregnancy Help

and a replica of the Eleanor of Toledo sock from medieval times

Kerry knit this helmet and lined it with wool jersey

Hmm, not sure whose this is, it didn't get covered, but I love the colours

Jan finished her handspun jersey and has made use of it in our recent colder weather

Sue brought this Ruskin Lace along to show us, the ecru ones were made by her teacher

I think this is my favourite, but they're all beautiful.

A close up of the ecru one

Iris has been following the Art Yarn class on, this is her coils done on a wheel that's not ideal for art yarn.  I think she's done a brilliant job!

Heather has been experimenting on her loom, the green and brown is a scarf, the pink is a sample