Sunday, July 31, 2016

Saturday 30 July 2016

Rachelle's final Tour de Fleece spinning. Left to right we have Gotland with leftover singles, Gotland with Corriedale and Merino/linen.

Rachelle's very colourful handspun jersey.  All the yarn was spun from Kate's Heavenly Wools fibre using the Barrier Reef colourway on different bases from Merino through to charcoal Haunui.

Valerie has been spinning too, the three natural colours are going to be used together

Kerry knit this for the hospital Chemo patients

and she wove this, the top part was all singles but they didn't hold up to being warp so were taken off the loom and used for weft only on the second piece.

Jan R has been making mini-skeins

Rosemary sampled her purchase from the Amberly fleece sale on Friday

Sonya has been busy spinning with Tour de Fleece as well
and she made this amazing crocheted blanket!

Jan made this very striking hat

Janet made this skirt, she's made a few of these over the years and they all look grand.

I'm not sure whose this is, but love the pink with the chocolate

Andrea's son made the batt using her blending board and then she's spun his creations, he has a grand eye for colour.

She also spun this from some of Kate's fibre, the colourway was chosen by her son for a hat

Sue has been knitting nice bright mitts

and Heather has been experimenting with her weave structures, very cool.
Don't forget next Saturday is the Have a Go Day at Halswell Centre, 341 Halswell Road – 10am – 2pm - Gold coin entry – classes available.    The guild will also be open.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday 23 July 2016

Another busy day with lots of people and a full display table.  Much of the yarn came from the Tour de Fleece challenge.  Apologies for the photo quality, I forgot my DSLR so these are taken with my cellphone.
Rachelle has been busy with the Tour de Fleece

Meg's been making a scarf to go with her hat

Pam has been busy too, a hat and a shawl

plus a very nice blanket

Sue has been designing, this is an alpaca boucle cocoon style cardigan

Emily has finished a cowl

and her mum Joanne has been busy on the Tour de Fleece as well

Jan has been busy too, a very long sock!

Sarah has been busy spinning this very fine yarn

Mary Catherine knit a Hitchhiker Shawl, lovely work

Kerry spun this gorgeous blue skein of Romney

Rosalie brought in these golfing gloves from her suitcase of treasures.

Sorry about the appalling quality of this photo, the scarf was a very nice man's scarf knit by Margaret S
And finally Jan's dyeing, the undyed fibre is how it looked originally.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Saturday 02 July 2016

Wow, we had a huge amount of finished lovelies on the table today!  This could take awhile, so here we go.
Dawn has been super busy, I think this was my favourite but that's because I love these colours so much!   A large wrap.
I believe this is the same warp as the other one, but different weft, such a different look.

Another of Dawn's pieces, loving the pattern on it, this was a longer shawl style wrap.

Rachelle's tea towels in cotton, a nice texture for drying dishes.

Riet has been spinning, these are so lovely and bright for this grey time of year.

Paula has been busy too, this is the latest of the test knits for Mary Anne Mace, the pattern is called Lace Bark

Paula also knit this hat for her son, I think it might be Merino/Possum and should keep him nice and warm
and another shawl by Paula, this is also by Mary Anne and is called Supplejack (I think).  I love how the pumpkin works with the blues.

Diane spun this, not her usual Navajo ply, this one is a 2-ply and is dyed by Fibre Artemis here in Christchurch, polwarth and silk if I remember correctly.

We were all in love with this handwoven coat made by Rose, she overdyed it as she didn't like the original colour.

Mary Catherine knit this gorgeous cardigan from a cone of merino/tencel, such a lovely feeling garment.

More of Mary Catherine's work, sorry it's not properly in focus, the top one is Romney and Mohair I think, the bottom is probably merino

And another of Mary Catherine's spins, also I think Merino, love the muted colours in this.

Jan knit this since Woolfeast, beautiful colour and she was wearing it when she came in.

Sonya knit these too little hat/scarf combos for her boys, a very cute way to keep warm.

These socks are for her boys as well, the blue is sparkly and there are beads too, her eldest admired the beads in the socks she was knitting for herself, now he has some of his own.

And these are Sonya's beaded socks for herself, loving the colours in this; pity beads don't show well in the photographs.

Rosalie has been knitting baby singlets, so sweet.

Tedge has been spinning, this was white Merino blended with coloured silk on a blending board and then dizzed off for spinning.  It's a lovely subtle yarn.

Margaret wasn't sure what she wanted to knit, so took a blank canvas and added things as she wanted to.

Heather was experimenting with collapse weave, it's an interesting technique and I'm sure there will be more experimentation.

Janet knit these wee baby hats, why are baby hats so cute?

Janet's daughter made this wee wall hanging and Janet brought it along to show us, it looks like something that would be fun to do.

Tedge knit this from a commercial yarn, very bright and warm, it's also very versatile.