Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My apologies

I didn't get to guild last week and won't for another few weeks due to family commitments, but I have no real excuse for not posting photos from the prior two weeks aside from forgetfulness.

As a result I have them to post now, but can't remember who made what so I'm afraid you'll just have to guess.  Also I only had my cellphone with me, apparently it decided against focusing on some items.  I will have a word with it about being better behaved in the future.

I think this was Joanne's superfine spun from some of Kate's Haunui

This is Paula's test knit for Mary Anne

Lovely baby cardigan

Socks from commercial yarn from the looks of it, this is a nice print.

Baby sockettes

Hand dyed yarn

Rachelle's spinning from one of Pam's batts.

A pair of socks from Zauberball yarn

Heather knit this modular blanket

Pam spun this yarn, the colour isn't right on this, it's a gold with life to it

This is Tedge's yarn from Tour de Fleece, mostly sampling.

and a very pretty little yellow pair of socks.
I will try to get to guild on a Monday, but can't guarantee it, it is after all spring and there are things to do around the house.