Saturday, October 1, 2016

Saturday 01 October 2016

I finally got to guild after all the family stuff and then a gastro bug which I didn't want to risk spreading.
I didn't get to stay for long this time though, unfortunately I had to leave early due to someone bringing the wrong yarn for his weaving, so I don't know who made most of what I took photos of.

Rachelle's Heavenly Wools Doubtful on Oatmeal Haunui plied with Perendale

and also Heavenly Wools Okarito on Dark Moorit Haunui plied with Suri Alpaca

Rachelle's Merino/Silk dyed by Anna Harris, I named it Captain America as it's red white and blue.

Rachelle's pom pom hat using Heavenly Wools Barrier Reef on various Haunui bases.

I think this was Ria's lovely work

Not sure who's this lovely creation is

same goes for this, I think it's Navajo plied

Gorgeous pair of socks

and such sweet little baby hats

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