Sunday, December 4, 2016

Saturday 03 December 2016

This was our Christmas lunch so quite a few people came along. As expected there was lots of yummy food, though that's not what you're here for so I'll go straight to the items people had finished and brought along for display.

Rose spun the yarn and then knitted this jacket

Rosemary has been making hats with orange in them

Rachelle finished her colourwork yoked sweater

Tedge has been spinning, this is merino (top) and merino/silk (bottom two) all dyed by Anna Harris.

Elena has been busy spinning as well, she's looking forward to knitting this lovely yarn up.

She's also made a pair of mitts

handspun socks (sorry the camera didn't want to focus)

and a colourwork hat and cowl/snood

Sonya made this pattern up for a lovely scarf

and after her son said his brother needed something purple in his wardrobe, this wee singlet was made for Robert.

Shirley has been sock knitting again, this one with scraps.  She was asked how many she'd made this year and thinks around 50.   Not sure if that's individual socks or pairs, either way it's pretty impressive!
Mary Ann Mace has been busy again, this is Half Empty/Half Full

I didn't hear what this one was called, but I think it might be my favourite

and this lovely is Seafog and knit from a possum/merino/silk blend

Meg brought in her tapestry in blues, it's random shapes and I think it is very effective.

and finally Mary Catherine wore her new jersey in, it's in handspun cotton and she's about to start another one in a different colourway.  It's a very effective pattern.
 Unfortunately this will be the last blog post for this year, I have family commitments for the next two Saturdays which mean I can't make it in.  In saying that my hope for all of us is that we have a merry and safe Christmas and New Year and I'll see you all next year in 2017.