Saturday, January 14, 2017

Saturday 14 January 2017

It was nice to be at the guild again yesterday, earlier in the week we did a spring clean so all the shelves and wheels etc are nice and clean now.
We didn't have a lot of finished items this time, but those we did were well worth seeing.

This is a length of cloth that Kerry wove some time ago that was originally white, she decided she wasn't going to use it as a white cloth, so dyed it using a red first and tied it up for a resist, then overdyed with the grey

Mary Catherine has made another lightweight top, this one uses handspun and sock yarn, very nice.

Tedge knit this gorgeous shawl, it's very large, but will be lovely and warm because of that in winter.

Joanne spun this Romney, over 1000m!  I'm loving the autumnal colours.

Joanne has also been knitting, these socks are knit toe-up and have a slip stitch heel.

Rosalie has been weaving, sorry I didn't realise the camera hadn't focused properly, love the way the colours work in this.

and then Rosalie started crocheting with some alpaca she was given, will make a lovely scarf.

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