Sunday, January 29, 2017

Saturday 28 January 2017

This Saturday was the day everyone brought in their work that had been completed over the break, there are some things you've already seen as a result of course, but many new things as well.

The table

The royal party for Festival later this year, I can't remember who made these
Kerry has been making tea towels, they're gorgeous as usual

and her first ever socks, plus a pair of slippers, very practical
Heather has been weaving baby blankets from acrylic so they're easy care

More of her baby blankets
Diane made these lovely socks, one of my favourite colours.
and this shawl, the colours play so nicely!
and finally this baby blanket from leftovers which is nice and bright and chirpy

Jan F knit this raglan jumper, it's a flattering shape and looked really good on.

She's also been busy with handspun, this set of mitts and the hat and cowl below are all from the same handspun you can see just above in this photo.

This series of gorgeous little hats was all knit by Heather P, prior to her passing.  They're all going to Pregancy Help.

All these yarns are by Eleanor, the white is polwarth and you can see the staple that it came from.  The others are all dyed  by Anna and are Polwarth/silk, BFL (Blue Faced Leicester) and Merino/silk.  I'm not sure which is which though.
Eleanor also knit this very striking modular blanket, it was much admired

This is Rachelle's wee pile, you've seen them all before.  Cooper (Copper Mooses), some Ashford Merino/silk and colourwork socks

And last but definitely not least these yarns are all spun by Elena, they're all a good weight for hats or a jersey, I'd say about Aran weight.

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