Sunday, February 12, 2017

Saturday 11 February 2017

I've got a couple of items from the previous week as well, that week was very quiet due to many of our members being at another event.

Margaret W spun this I believe

And she knit this from leftovers, it's absolutely stunning!

This little cutie is Emily's work.

These two are Kerry's weaving, both the same colours but she didn't like the Bedford Tweed one, so resleyed it to the double weave on the left.  Most of us at guild were in love with the Bedford.

Ria has been spinning merino and alpaca into this gorgeous yarn.

and this is part of a wedding sampler that Sonya had finished

and the other half, hard to get the camera to focus properly.

Meg finished her little people for Festival, very cute.

and Eleanor made this from her own sheep, lovely work.

Tedge has been busy too, this yarn is a very interesting construction, I believe there's at least 6 plies in there.

and her lovely spindles, she'll be selling them at Festival if you're interested.  I know I am!

Jan finally finished her English Leicester, I suspect she'll be spinning something bright next.

Mary Catherine has been dyeing, this is less intense than she'd expected and it's possible it's due to the dyes being old.

Rosalie has been weaving on an inkle loom, very pretty.

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