Friday, March 31, 2017

Saturday 1 April 2017

Is it just me or is this year getting faster than previous years?   It's hard to believe it's April already!

A fairly quiet day at guild today, but still some lovely items on the table.

This was Meg's, Navajo plied silk if I heard correctly, lovely yarn.

Margaret knit this hat and starched it too, the brim has a wire in the edge to hold its shape.  She learned a lot from it too.

Heather crocheted this from yarn she was given, she dyed some by putting a ball in and turning it over, hence the change in colour.  Very effective.

Barbara's not been in for a while, but she's not wasted her time.  This was a handspun, handknit hat (excuse my feet)

This blanket has been a WIP for 10 years, but is now finished, a good way to use up the boucle she wasn't so keen on.

A shawl from hanspun yarn, this is a very practical shape too.

And another shawl, this is an unusual shape, but a very nice way to show off a handspun yarn too.

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