Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturday 18 March 2017

A relatively quiet day today, still a decent turnout, but less than usual.  I didn't get much spinning done, too busy talking to people!
Pam's been busy spinning all of these.  The bottom 3 are part of  a larger project and all are beautiful!

This is also Pam's and was knit from wool she was given for Christmas, it has a lovely drape to it.

Another of Pam's, this is a cowl in bulky wool done on large needles, I think there may be a drop stitch in there too.

And finally, this is a convertible wrap, knit in some of Pam's handspun and much admired!

Mandy knit this shawl using some Rambouillet yarn imported from America, the pattern is a Kate Davies one.
Ellie knit this unusual hat, it uses a sideways construction, that gives it a different but very nice effect

Ellie also knit this geometric wrap, this is half of it, the second half is a mirror image

Rose has been testing the old dyes we have and has found that although you're not supposed to need to add vinegar they work better when you do, obviously age has affected the ph of the dyes.  The big one in the middle was dyed to recreate the socks in the next photo.

Jan has been spinning, this lovely soft yarn was from some fibre that had been sitting around in the rooms for a while.

Jan F knit this scarf on large needles, the yarn is a mohair, merino and nylon blend.

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