Saturday, May 27, 2017

Saturday 27 May 2017

I've got photos from both this week and the previous one, last week was fairly busy and I just plum forgot to do the blog, means you get double the pretty this week though!

This is a suri and silk scarf that weighs virtually nothing and is beautifully soft by Ellie

This is also Ellie's, it's a long shaped scarf.

Joanne brought her new Majacraft bobbin to show off, it's very Barbie

and these are Emily's first tries at Navajo plying, I think she's well on her way to being a very good spinner

Jan plied her Pukeko on Saturday, this is a Heavenly Wools colour

and Meg's been busy making more mittens

This is the latest weaving on the Thorpe loom, it's a rag weaving piece.

Rose has been spinning too, the top one is a merino/nylon blend

Kerry has been busy spinning for Woolfeast
Eleanor has been trying out her new Majacraft wheel, lovely work
Mandy has just finished her new Scandiwegian cardigan from handspun she overdyed, this will wear like iron and she's expecting to be wearing it for the next couple of decades.

Natalie knit these the previous week, should be lovely and warm.

This is Emily's first ever spinning!

Kerry has been spinning possum/wool yarn for Woolfeast

Sue has been experimenting with auto wrapping

and this is also Sue's, I'm suspecting it's the Bollywood colourway by Kate Mahoney

And finally this is Rachelle's "Pussyhat", which she's calling her cat hat as she doesn't like the Pussy name.  When you wear it the corners look like cat ears.  It's in merino/linen handspun.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Saturday 6th May 2017

Another busy day, all the seats in the circle were full again, it's a wonderful thing to see.  There were a few more items from the Festival again, so those don't have descriptions.  The lovely items we've been creating of course do!

This was Kerry's jacket that went down the runway at Festival, a beautiful piece and would look great in an office environment or out for the evening

And this tunic/vest is also Kerry's and went down the runway.  More casual, but wonderful for this time of year as a layering piece.

I'm beginning to wonder if Kerry sleeps, these wee booties are also hers.

and so is this circular blanket from English Leicester.  It's either natural colours straight from the sheep, or dyed using lichens.  It's yet to be blocked, so will be enormous when that happens!

The skirt brigade!  All the skirts in this picture were knit by Janet (left), the other lovely ladies are Faith, Meg and Rose.  Unfortunately the light wasn't ideal, I need to learn more about my camera, since obviously auto is not ideal here.

Christina has been finishing some old projects, love the colours in this!

and this scarf too!  This deserves to get shown off regularly.

and finally Christina's penguin hats, she was working on another one at Guild yesterday.
We also had an interesting talk from Faith about the Saori weaving course she attended during Festival.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Saturday 29 April 2017

Sorry about the delay, first week back at school is always interesting which results in some things being temporarily forgotten.
The Saturday just gone was a very busy one, the room was full to capacity and there were a lot of very lovely items on the table that people had purchased at Entwine.   Entwine by the way was great fun!  One of our members won the New Weaver's Award too, congratulations to Heather K who has fallen in love with weaving big time.

These are the mini-sweater's from one of the classes at Entwine.  The bottom one is Sue's and the top one I believe is Kerry's.

Stash enhancement, there's a lot of this so if there isn't a caption on a photo, it's an Entwine stash enhancement.

Kerry knit this blanket, the colours are a great blend.

The black is an alpaca scarf knit by Margaret, the yarn is more stash enhancement.

This is the cardigan that started as a scarf and grew!  Mary Catherine knitted it and it's already been sold in the shop

Jan bought this at Entwine and it looks wonderful on her!  It's a single piece of handwoven fabric that's been origamied.

Sarah knit this grey jersey to keep a family member nice and cozy

Meg's been making mittens again, it's certainly the right time of year!

Joanne has been working on this matching set, I believe mittens or gloves have now been added.  The yarn colour is called "Mind Your Own Beeswax"

I think Dell bought this, lovely ribbon work

and this lace is gorgeous too!

and this is the board Tedge made up for her spindle spinning class to give an idea of how versatile the tool is.