Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Saturday 29 April 2017

Sorry about the delay, first week back at school is always interesting which results in some things being temporarily forgotten.
The Saturday just gone was a very busy one, the room was full to capacity and there were a lot of very lovely items on the table that people had purchased at Entwine.   Entwine by the way was great fun!  One of our members won the New Weaver's Award too, congratulations to Heather K who has fallen in love with weaving big time.

These are the mini-sweater's from one of the classes at Entwine.  The bottom one is Sue's and the top one I believe is Kerry's.

Stash enhancement, there's a lot of this so if there isn't a caption on a photo, it's an Entwine stash enhancement.

Kerry knit this blanket, the colours are a great blend.

The black is an alpaca scarf knit by Margaret, the yarn is more stash enhancement.

This is the cardigan that started as a scarf and grew!  Mary Catherine knitted it and it's already been sold in the shop

Jan bought this at Entwine and it looks wonderful on her!  It's a single piece of handwoven fabric that's been origamied.

Sarah knit this grey jersey to keep a family member nice and cozy

Meg's been making mittens again, it's certainly the right time of year!

Joanne has been working on this matching set, I believe mittens or gloves have now been added.  The yarn colour is called "Mind Your Own Beeswax"

I think Dell bought this, lovely ribbon work

and this lace is gorgeous too!

and this is the board Tedge made up for her spindle spinning class to give an idea of how versatile the tool is.

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