Saturday, May 6, 2017

Saturday 6th May 2017

Another busy day, all the seats in the circle were full again, it's a wonderful thing to see.  There were a few more items from the Festival again, so those don't have descriptions.  The lovely items we've been creating of course do!

This was Kerry's jacket that went down the runway at Festival, a beautiful piece and would look great in an office environment or out for the evening

And this tunic/vest is also Kerry's and went down the runway.  More casual, but wonderful for this time of year as a layering piece.

I'm beginning to wonder if Kerry sleeps, these wee booties are also hers.

and so is this circular blanket from English Leicester.  It's either natural colours straight from the sheep, or dyed using lichens.  It's yet to be blocked, so will be enormous when that happens!

The skirt brigade!  All the skirts in this picture were knit by Janet (left), the other lovely ladies are Faith, Meg and Rose.  Unfortunately the light wasn't ideal, I need to learn more about my camera, since obviously auto is not ideal here.

Christina has been finishing some old projects, love the colours in this!

and this scarf too!  This deserves to get shown off regularly.

and finally Christina's penguin hats, she was working on another one at Guild yesterday.
We also had an interesting talk from Faith about the Saori weaving course she attended during Festival.

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