Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saturday 24 June 2017

First of all an apology for the radio silence.  I've not been well and then there was Woolfeast.  I'm now on antibiotics so hopefully things will go back to normal soon.

It was a good day at guild yesterday, a reasonably full table and some Woolfeast stash to show off as well.   Onto business, photos of what we've been busy making and buying recently!

This is Rachelle's wool fabric from her 8-shaft loom which as you can see is going to be used to make a bag.  The yarn was all carpet wool.

Plus Rachelle's gradient socks, the yarn is Wollelfe from Austria and the pattern is called Melisandre and is available on Ravelry

and finally from Rachelle, a pair of man-sized socks for her youngest son in Opal

Ria knit this lovely scarf from some handspun that she'd originally intended for weaving, despite the high twist it made a beautiful scarf.

All items for Pregnancy Help and the Oncology ward

More hats for the Oncology ward, apparently they're getting low, so nice, soft wool hats would be appreciated.

These lovely gloves are by Raewyn made to go with something she made earlier

And this shawl is by Jan R, who crocheted it from handspun I think.

Mandy made this oh-so-cute toddler jersey, this is going to be one lucky wee person!

And no, the photo is not in black and white, this skirt is knit by Janet and you can see the photo of her inspiration too.

Don't you just love Mary Catherine's dye job?

and this is her latest knit, so fine and the little bead add just the right touch of bling.

This bulky blanket is by Jan R and just right for this time of year when it's freezing.

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