Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Saturday 21 October 2017

Sorry about the delay, I've been busy.  This post includes the last two Saturday's photos, the earlier week I can't find my notes for so will be from memory.

I think this was Kerry's weaving and the resulting bags

Rachelle has been making batts; they've since been turned into yarn but not yet brought in for display.

I think this was Rosalie's dyeing

I can't remember whose these were unfortunately

Pretty sure these are Sandra's bought while she was on holiday in Britain

And the beginning of this week's display.  This was Ria's scarf made from the yarn she finished a few weeks ago

Valerie has been weaving for her DIL, 5m of a very effective fabric here.

Kerry dyed and spun this, she thinks it's a Corriedale/Mohair blend

This was a sample spin

More of the Corriedale/Mohair blend freshly dyed

Janet has been spinning alpaca

Mary Catherine has been busy with some very fine merino/silk

Margaret dyed her Corriedale/Mohair in shades of blue and green

Margaret S has been designing again, a very lovely jersey in merino/silk
And finally, here's what's on the looms at the moment; I love how this is turning out , so bright and cheerful

And this is more subtle, but beautiful too.

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