Sunday, February 11, 2018

Saturday 10 February 2018

It started off grey outside, but there was plenty of colour inside to lift our spirits.

Mary Catherine has been busy with a pattern by Stephen West using Brioche Stitch to show off the Corriedale she spun.

I'm sorry, I didn't notice that it wasn't sitting correctly, doesn't it look good though?

and the back is gorgeous too!

Meg bought this down in Geraldine from the craft shop down there to put in her gift box for very small relations.

These socks are Meg's as well, though she's not happy with them

This little black shrug is Rachelle's and fits perfectly.  The pattern is Dew Point off Ravelry and the yarn is Outlaw Yarn Bohemia in sport weight.

Faith has been  weaving, she's not happy with this either but we disagree; it's gorgeous!

Annalie has been busy too, this cushion cover is a kit and introduced her to intarsia, cables, lace and colourwork in one project.

Another of Annalie's projects.  The pattern is called Milo and is a great introduction to knitting in the round and the yarn was dyed by Darn Knits who does wonderful gradients.

Annalie's weaving, this is in Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn and is going to be a handtowel and washcloth. 

And the back of the cushion, the buttons were plain, but Annalie painted them to match the boat on the front.

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