Please keep in mind it is a condition of our lease that members attending guild activities must not park in the Tannery carpark, please park on the street.

Our rooms are at 11 Tanner St and can also be accessed through The Wool, Yarn and Fibre Shop which is on The Boardwalk at The Tannery.  We also have a group on Ravelry.

School holiday programmes.

We have school holiday programmes, although they're aimed at children aged 10 years and older, adults are welcome!  Bookings for these classes are essential, cost is $25 and all materials are provided.
The weaving is done on rigid heddle looms which are an excellent way to learn the basics of weaving.


This is a programme we're starting in 2018 for the first time and is offering year 12/13 students from local high schools the opportunity to learn fibre arts as a sponsorship programme.   At the moment this is for a very limited number of people, though it may well grow in future years.  A student may choose a finished item they want to produce whether that be art, clothing or housewares (or whatever you can think of as long as it uses fibre) and we will assist them in learning the skills required to produce that item.  We will work with the student to support them, and liase with school and parents as well.  They are not limited to spinnng, knitting and weaving as we have members who also sew, embroider, felt etc. 
We have contacted several local schools to get this underway. 


We run classes on beginner spinning, beginner weaving, felting, embellishment and knitting from time to time.   Please contact us for further information on

Our next Beginner spinning class is planned for March 2018, it will be 5 sessions on Monday evenings.  If interested please visit the guild and put your name down on the list we have in the rooms.  Diane Sullivan is our tutor, she has a great deal of experience at teaching new spinners and you will enjoy your time with her.

There will be a class on felting a bag in April run by Jane Dolan, time and date to be advised.

We are also planning a class in April/May about fibre preparation which will teach the use of the various tools available for this such as the drum carder and blending board.

Forums - Saturdays 1.30-2.30pm, bookings not required.  Cost $2 members, $5 non-members

6 April 2018 - Embellishing knitwear.  At this point I'm expecting this will include needle felting, duplicate stitch, embroidery and possibly applique.

20 April 2018 - Knitting in all directions

Dyeing Sessions
Bring along your fibre and yarns and dye unique colour schemes to spin, knit, crochet or weave.  Email for further information on timing as this varies.  Dye sessions are subject to demand and are run by Lynn and Mandy.

Cost: $20 members / $30 non-members

Monday Mentored Knits
10.15am to 12 noon.   Helpers are always welcome.  Bring your problems in any fibre craft and get support.
Cost: $5 for non-guild members

Tapestry Weaving
1-3pm every Monday.  Beginners welcome.

 Weaving Evenings
Tuesday evenings from 5.30pm, bring your meal.  It is wonderful to see people who began weaving class now working on the 8-shaft on site.