Thursday, April 29, 2021

Saturday 24 April 2021

 A good busy day with plenty of people coming through the door to take a look around; several new members were in for the session and at least one prospective member popped in too.   Our table was busy too, plenty of finished items to show you.

A heads up for next Saturday, we're having a shawl/scarf theme; bring in your favourite shawls/scarves to show off.

Phillipa's been busy making stripy socks

This is Ria's work, a baby singlet using handspun polwarth (if I remember correctly) and some halfbred/silk handspun in skein form.

Phillipa also make this handspun vest from her combo spin yarn.

Kerry has been busy making socks as well

Joanne has been turning out hats.  All colourwork.  Top to bottom we have the lates Shetland Wool Week pattern, Epistrophied by Kate Davies and Cottage Garden.  The cowl is called Secret Cove.

Paula was at Majacraft camp and this is the result of combing for colour; there was a super bouncy merino spin as well; can't find the photo though.

Jan F has been knitting this child's jersey, love the stripes.

Sarah B made this jersey; just in time for the cooler weather too!

Jan F has also been using up her commercial yarn to make hats.

Jane made this felted hat in Canterbury colours.

This shawl was from one of our new members, I didn't write down her name though.  Lovely work.

Christine knit this little set for a baby in handspun.  I think it's the Baby Surprise Jacket which always turns out beautifully in handspun.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Saturday 10 April 2021

 It was a lovely day, we had at least one new member there which was nice and many regulars.  The table had quite a lot on it and I was still there when we found out who'd made what!  There are a few combo-spin's that are finished, looking forward to seeing them when they're made into their final form.

Felicity spun this pink combo-spin, she had a theme when she picked her braids.

This might be Mandy's blue combo spin

Phillipa went for rainbows for her combo-spin

Jan F finished her cardigan, it turned out beautifully in the end!

Jan has been knitting for wee people as well, this is a very cute dress

and this is a baby blanket for charity.

Phillipa knit these cosy slipper socks

and this lovely mohair jersey which was from Daphne's stash

Kerry has been experimenting with her woven fabric; we all loved this cap.

Margaret has been busy knitting for a friend, the body is in corriedale, but the sleeves in romney due to the cables taking more yarn than expected.

Raewyn has been knitting, this scarf was the perfect choice for the yarn.

and this is also Raewyn's work, a lovely and even wee skein.

and finally we have Eleanor's combo-spin, many shades of grey with a hint of pink, there's something about monochrome that is so interesting.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Saturday 27th March 2021

 Hard to believe the first quarter of the new year is almost over.  It was a fairly quiet day as far as finished items are concerned, but I took photos of work in progress instead.

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Saturday 06th March 2021

 Sorry for the silence, I've been taking down a fence and then staying away due to a recurrent health issue that has some symptoms in common with the big nasty.   If I have the symptoms then I stay away, and I get a test too.  All back to normal though so here's the display table to peruse.  Unfortunately I had to leave before I found out who'd made what.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Saturday 30 January 2021

 It's always good when Saturday rolls around, I look forward to seeing what delights await on the show and tell table.

Phillipa knit these socks from leftovers and they look fantastic!

Mandy knit a Ranunculus jersey on 5.5mm needles in mohair which downsized the pattern slightly and added some more stitches to the neck to the fit as she prefers

Marie made this lovely felted bag.

Lynn knit this top as crochet didn't do the yarn justice; this colour is closer than the worn photo, it's a gorgeous piece

Lynn also brought this pinecone basket in to show us, her sister bought it for her and she's using it to carry yarn for her projects.

Sarah spun this Romney yarn, this is the same fleece she learned to spin on and it's turned out really well, I hope she kept her first spinning to compare; that's always fun to do.

Jan F knit these fingerless mitts from sock yarn leftovers

Allie used this very robust yarn to make dishcloths

Eleanor brought in her old inkle weaving to show us